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Comic Relief – An Old Joke But a Good One?

When it started, Red Nose Day was an amazing national event with newsreaders and just about half the country wearing red noses. It appealed to our national psyche at a time – post sixties – when we were open to … Continue reading

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In Faint Praise of The X Factor

It is brilliant that the X Factor winner’s single sales will go to support families who are going through unthinkably awful times, and that this has often happened. This is the third year that Together for Short Lives has been … Continue reading

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TV Gala – You’re Lucky Break

For any charity, TV Galas are like a decade’s worth of Christmas income arriving in a few days. The massive exposure and huge income can transform organisations and though they are ridiculously hard work, if the organisation is thoroughly prepared … Continue reading

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Why Children in Need’s Heroes are My Heroes

This year’s spectacular has raised more money than ever at, £32.6m last time I looked and probably rising. But I suspect the real benefit is the massive educational value for people watching, particularly the young for whom it may be … Continue reading

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