3 Must-Dos When Communicating With Donors

talkingCanada’s First Friday fundraising advice session last month welcomed Andrea Helfer,  acting CEO at WaterAid Canada, who led a great conversation on how we can all cultivate stronger relationships with our donors.  Here are three must-dos when communicating with your donor:

  • Convince: Less often are donors taking our word for it when we say that we are doing good work. Increasingly they want to see a clearer demonstration of impact from the organisations that they support, whether this is by having access to statistics about the people that we help or through better storytelling. Donors want to be assured that by supporting you, they are able to make a real and sustainable difference.
  • Offer choice:  Increasingly charities are offering more flexibility to donors so that they are able to target their support towards something that interests them, from buying a goat to supporting specific outcomes for a particular community.  Through a highly personalised approach to donor development, donors are more likely to feel that their support is making a tangible and powerful difference in a cause that they care about.
  • Engage:  Your brand is not just about your logo and look, it’s about how your donors experience and remember you.  Effective fundraising communication is about helping your donors to feel good about giving to your organisation.  Through considered, appropriate, regular stewardship that recognises and appreciates the donor’s engagement in your cause, whether through their receiving a thank you phone call or personalised update on a programme that they have supported, donors are more likely to feel that they are working in partnership with you to change the world.


Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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