Creating Impactful Content for your Case for Support

heart-mouseIn our third blog in our Case for Support series we take a look at how to create content that really makes an impact. As fundraisers, we tend to know a lot about our respective organisations. Sometimes, this extensive knowledge can lead to us making assumptions about what our donors already understand about us. As a result, we may miss including crucial information that helps donors to fully comprehend what we do, or alternatively, we may overwhelm them with so many details that our key messages get lost. Continue reading

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3 Must-Dos When Communicating With Donors

talkingCanada’s First Friday fundraising advice session last month welcomed Andrea Helfer,  acting CEO at WaterAid Canada, who led a great conversation on how we can all cultivate stronger relationships with our donors.  Here are three must-dos when communicating with your donor: Continue reading

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Building a Kids Castle on Sand

bucketAt its height Kids Company was the ‘go to’ children’s charity for three political administrations New Labour, The Coalition and then the Conservatives in 2015. Led by its charismatic director, Camila Batmanghelidjh, who had the ability to impress all who listened to her, the charity grew exponentially; originally asking for professional staff to be on loan from local authorities and then, as the work grew, raising increasingly large sums until its turnover in 2013 was some £23 million. Indeed, David Cameron’s Big Society rhetoric found a home in Kids Company pleased that it reached kids that local authorities did not seem to be helping.   Continue reading

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Eight Amazing Organisations We’re Working With

logos copyAt IFC, we get the chance to work with some extraordinary organisations that are making a real difference around the world. The work is interesting and varied, ranging from capital appeals to developing fundraising strategies. Here are eight amazing organisations that we’re currently working with: Continue reading

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SMS Campaign Raises €100,000

GioleA fundraising campaign based around social media has raised €100,000 for a project in the Ivory Coast. The campaign was part of the work that IFC Italy has been doing with CIAI, an Italian NGO focusing on children’s rights, promoting and developing SMS text campaigns.  Continue reading

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CSR Support Helps to Build Schools in Kenya

global angelsIFC Netherlands has been working with the Conventions of Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI), part of international exhibition and events organisation, UBM. CPhI has a strong CSR policy, and understands its importance, both internally and externally. The organisation decided that it wanted to increase its CSR offering to visitors and exhibitors at its next worldwide event. Continue reading

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IFC Netherlands Runs Fundraising Weekend For International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU)

Monaco 2Earlier this year IFC Netherlands director Helen Maynard-Hill teamed up with Becky Walsh Marketing consultancy to facilitate a weekend of marketing and fundraising brainstorming, learning and planning with IAU Executive Council at their AGM in Monaco. The meeting was a great success and everyone felt incredibly inspired to make use of the learnings at the event.  Dirk Strumane, Chairman of the IAU had this to say about the event: Continue reading

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